As mentioned earlier, we can use the built-in configuration system to configure many aspects of brig functionality to our liking. Every config entry of brig consists of 4 values:

  • Key - always a dotted, hierarchical path like fs.sync.ignore_moved.
  • Value - some value that is validated depending on the key.
  • Default - The default value.
  • Documentation - A short description of what this entry can do for you.
  • Needs restart - A boolean indicating whether you have to restart the service to take effect.

When you type brig cfg you will see all keys with the aforementioned entries:

$ brig config ls
fs.sync.ignore_moved: false (default)
  Default:       false
  Documentation: Do not move what the remote moved
  Needs restart: no

Additionally, we support of course the usual operations:

$ brig config get repo.password_command
pass brig/repo/password
$ brig config set repo.password_command "pass brig/repo/my-password"



Implement configuration profiles.