How to contribute

Something we would be especially interested in are experience reports: We want you to try out the current state of the software and write down the following:

  • Was it easy to get »brig« running?
  • Was it easy to understand its concepts?
  • What is your intended usecase for it? Could you make it work?
  • If no, what’s missing in your opinion to make the usecase possible?
  • Anything else that you feel free to share.

Those reports should be posted as GitHub issue. They will help us to develop brig further in the “bigger picture”.

Also, the developer of this software is currently doing all of this is in his free time. If you’re willing to offer any financial support feel free to contact me.

What to improve

We try to open a ticket for anything that can be worked right now

The following general improvements are of course also greatly appreciated:

  • Bug reports & fixes.
  • Documentation improvements.
  • Writing more and better tests.
  • Porting to other platforms.


Please adhere to the general GitHub workflow_, i.e. fork the repository, make your changes and open a pull request that can be discussed.

Here’s a small checklist before publishing your pull request:

  • Did you go fmt all code?
  • Does your code style fit with the rest of the code base?
  • Did you run go run mage.go dev:lint?
  • Did you write tests if necessary?
  • Did you consider if changes to the docs are necessary?
  • Did you check if you need something to

Thank you for your contribution.