Comparison with other tools

When announcing brig (or any other software in general) the first question is usually something like »But isn’t there already X?« and sometimes even »Why don’t you just contribute to other projects?«. This document tries to find an answer to both questions. The answer will obviously be biased, so take it with a fair grain of salt.

Yes, there is other software in this world. But this is always a matter of tradeoffs the author of each individual package has chosen. One application might not run on your platform, the next might not be secure enough for your needs, the other one decides to steal your data or are proprietary/too complicated to setup or maintain. This comparison does not aim to blame any tool (well, except if it’s stealing data) but tries to give a (subjective) view on where the focus of each tool differs.


Translate the comparison from master thesis, update and restructure. Low priority though.